make up course

My sister is now studying in a beauty salon, my sister was beauty, one day up to a long weekend holiday home at that time, I saw her, ask how he recently, learning how, she just told me it in make up course, I was stupefied, bullying I don’t understand English is not, enrage me dead, the little girl learn something with me, home is such a sister, parents are very fond of her, is not good at learning, the other is all right, it seems that he learn this is not wrong, after completion of his own open a shop is also a good choice, after all, a girl fight what ah, as long as it can get on the line.



offshore company

Today is the last day of the annual inspection, with annual procedures to handle the annual inspection of the business sector, I am going to line up to an hour, and finally to my this for a long time, I said that this is not the want to have a look, that is not detected, this can be my sorrow, today, not tomorrow will pay more, to say that there is no time for the things running back and forth, then saw the next guy and he said next to offshore company registered to, this is too much trouble, but I don’t know that he is the meaning of words, but it is a good thing, to finally the money only for finished, now the society is really too realistic.



make up school

My most recent achievements unstable and appeared to be to the examination, the home is also a worry for me, wanted me to test a good school, focusing on what, laying the foundation for future studies, this familyanxious, worried for my learning, then the home feel I reported a make up school, retired and sit time going to cram school, do not know everything to make it up, lay the foundation for the subsequent examinationpoints, in fact, my grades not home so bad, just a little careless last exam, home tense, especially to catch up so there is no way had to bite the bullet and go to class, I hopethere will be help on their own.

offshore tax planning

Hard to save money, opened a small company, monthly tax money a lot, do this all means nothing, then a friend said, try offshore tax planning, may be able to help themselves, is simply and reasonable tax avoidance, because now the company has not become scale, may be take not now spending some companies simply close, now have such a company, it is lifted to a lot of trouble for us, I have already registered, now not because of tax problems suffer from excessive internal heat, currently operating projects is also more and more better, the confidence is full, it seems I I should thank my friend, he gave me a new hope.


Just to Dalian I really do not know how good only in Dalian, Dalian don’t say how, now in here also has 5 years, sometimes and that good not as they say, is perhaps the reason for a long time, also slowly accustomed to the life here, go home and friends from work, see a sell package booth at the night market on the road, I saw a nice asked how much money, selling the package said 500, I said you rob ah, in the stall to sell 500 things, people say that this is hermes luxury, I faint, if luxury is not so cheap ah, what people ah, get some false lie to me. When I was a child of three years old.

wedding photography

After seven years of long-distance love, she became my bride, speaking of our acquaintance is the fate, when the car slowly understanding, we fond of each other, so in love, in the past few years, we have too much different, I thought to give up, but in the end we still insist to come, if you can not accept my weakness, so also is not eligible to receive my advantage, I think this saying is very good, because the love is mutual tolerance, not just look at each other’s shortcomings, to a comprehensive look at this man, mutual understanding, trust, today we went to a wedding photography come our love witness.




I go out shopping with her boyfriend, and this is all that we get along this time the first time out shopping alone, I feel happy from the bottom of their hearts, boyfriend’s companionship is good, go out shopping with her boyfriend and best friend to go out feelingis not the same, at the mall, I am optimistic about a birkin, I would like to spend their own money to buy boyfriend but pleaded with him to give me to pay, I did not make, because I know he had no money, to go to work so hard, amonths’ wages, my, how cruel to let him to buy me what birkin later I also did not buy into, though they do not buy birkin, but my heart than to buy a birkin sweeter Oh.