wedding photo studio

Wedding photo studio now really, everywhere you can see, walk through the streets of Taipei, and always looked up to see the wedding photo studio, to see it think of the sad past, in the wedding photo studio, know she is thereknow, and later the end is there, and now I do not understand why we broke up, may have been my reasons, people said I was a workaholic, always work hard day and night, and perhaps put too much timework to the neglect of her, which leads to this result, lead us in the upcoming Shique into the marriage broke up.


Morning work is necessary to print a lot of things, so we have been guarding the printer to print things, but it is a machine that does something goes wrong, finally last night, staying up late to write something, one into the printer, all disappeared, althoughhave been printed in half, but the remaining half of how to do, but unfortunately only hurries home to copy another part was in order to get the job done, but the leadership actually thought I was lazy to go home for work, the result has also been blamed for, to seeTV drama Taiwan is a fit of anger, I am blamed for the printer if there are feelings I can imagine that the leading critics like me to criticize it.


The parents heard me away the things of the operation of the company with her husband in order to apply for a loan, suddenly became worried, worried that in case of any accident is not on the loans it would mean that the loan company debt collection. Because the old people will often see some people borrowed usury was chased by people on TV, or even get the final disintegration of families. In order to not let old fears, we were specifically drawn to the time to go home a trip to the old people do ideological work, and this make them at ease a little.

Overseas Pre-Wedding

I like to watch Hong Kong drama, and often see some of the wedding scene in the drama above. Each encounter these scenes I note that I also hope that their wedding can all now married, wanted to learn from some other people’s wedding, especially those TV above to play the romantic like TV as romantic and beautiful. I am particularly favorite to some people to go overseas weddings and do some of Overseas the Pre-Wedding.